The present coat of arms collection is a complete documentation of communal heraldry of Germany and sees itself as a state-political educational object with more than 3,600 hand-carved and hand-painted coats of arms of German federal states, districts, cities and municipalities.


This unique and highly decorative crest show in the world is the life's work of initiator, founder and sculptor Hans-Dietrich Riemann † from Berchtesgaden in south of Germany.


The coat of arms collection, once managed by the nonprofit promotion association "Deutsches-Wappen-Musem e. V. "founded in 1971, currently privately owned, served as the most extensive archive of its kind of advice and research in all matters of arms.


The coats of arms tell stories from history. Thus, the museum served the maintenance of historical awareness and at the same time represents a colorful picture book of German history.


The coat of arms collection is so extensive that over 400 square meters of wall surface can be hung with German city and municipal coat of arms and is integrated in its entire size or in parts in every cultural and architectural program (art on site).


The coat of arms collection is a challenge for every lover. The collection in its entirety leaves a lasting impression.


The arms carving is continued today by the agency Qseven media GmbH. If interested, please write to