Coat of arms collection of German cities and municipalities

Documentation of communal heraldry in Germany with more than 3,000 hand-carved and hand-painted coats of arms of German provinces, districts, towns and municipalities.

Coat of Arms Gallery in Regensburg

The German Coat of Arms Museum has moved into a new home in Regensburg.


In numerous conference and training rooms, the coats of arms are displayed on a wall surface of more than 400 square meters over a length of about 300 meters.


Previously, the coats of arms in four floors of a former Hohenzollern Castle in Berchtesgaden were open to the public.


Around 4,000 hand-carved hand-painted coats of arms throughout Germany were displayed to the public on a daily basis by the former German Coat of Arms Museum in Berchtesgaden. On four floors of a large house - a former Hohenzollern castle - thousands of visitors passed through twenty sometimes oversized rooms. The coats of arms covered the walls from floor to ceiling like a colorful mosaic, colorful and rich in shapes.'


The photos below show the coats of arms in the former premises of a Hohenzollernschlösschen in Berchtesgaden.